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As we roll through the end of May and into June, some thrilling things are happening on the comics horizon:

*  After a brief hiatus while awaiting coloring from Santosh Rath, EXPOSURE wraps up "Night of the Living Dad!", courtesy of yours truly, and artists Jinky Coronado and Larry Tuazon (with lettering by Zach Matheny).  After that?  We'll showcase some of the sassy-and-sexy pinups that Jinky drew as incentives for certain contributors to the EXPOSURE campaign on Kickstarter, and then it's on to the NEXT new story!

*  Speaking of which, the EXPOSURE collection is now finally at the printer, and we're eagerly anticipating seeing copies of both the trade paperback and the hardcover.  And now that I've received your full mailing addresses, we'll start shipping out the Kickstarter incentives soon.  Some of you will likely receive multiple packages, since original art and books are of such different sizes, they may ship more safely packaged separately.  For those of you who missed the KIckstarter campaign, EXPOSURE will be available through Keenspot.com's online store as well as at Conventions, such as San Diego!

*  Fans of Jinky Coronado's version of the EXPOSURE gang should be on the lookout for Jinky's series BANZAI GIRL, which premieres in June here on Keenspot.com.  It's the story of Jinky and her friends, back when she was a bona fide Asian schoolgirl -- the story of her teenage life, with monsters and aliens and madness thrown in, for good measure.  Jinky writes BANZAI GIRL and shares the artwork with Battle of the Planets and Tomb Raider artist Wilson Tortosa.  Look for BANZAI GIRL to be updated three times a week -- Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I'm told -- with special bonus material on Sundays.  But that's not all:  Some of Jinky's friends -- including original EXPOSURE artist (the late, great) Al Rio, Will (X-Men) Conrad, Cliff (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Richards, and Mike (New Avengers) Deodato contribute bonus pinups.  

*  And speaking of marvelous Mike Deodato:  Some time ago, at Image Comics, Mike Deodato, Mike Buckley, and I launched a bizarre action series called JADE WARRIORS.  A story of female assassins, the Yakuza, and a battle to save Japan from the return of mythic dragons, JADE WARRIORS ran four frenetic issues, and the tumultuous tale was never completed.  This June, Keenspot plans to bring you JADE WARRIORS in all its glory, serializing not only the Image series but all the unpublished material, as well!  Look for the series to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to alternate with BANZAI GIRL so that you get scintillating storytelling every weekday!

To celebrate the return of JADE WARRIORS and the continuation of EXPOSURE on Keenspot, we're Convention-bound!  Mike Deodato (and his lovely wife Paula), Jinky Coronado, and I are guests at Philadelphia Comic Con, Thursday through Sunday, May 31st - June 3rd.  That's also the same week as Mike and Jinky's birthdays, so come by and wish them a Happy!  They'd love to chat with you!  We're also doing a Creating Comics panel and a chalk talk, so it should prove to be a lot of fun.

See you there!

-- David