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EXPOSURE: Uncovering The Next Layer
Hello, everybody -- thanks for being with us as we continue the new adventures of Lisa Shannon and Shawna Diaz in EXPOSURE, brought to you on a thrice-weekly schedule by yours truly, artist Jinky Coronado, and colorist Santosh Rath.  The COMMENTS sections have been a little light as of late, so I hope more of you will get involved.  We thrive on your comments and suggestions, so please join us -- and be a part of the conversation!

I also hope you've been following the progress of funding for the EXPOSURE graphic novel (in both hardcover and softcover) over at Kickstarter.com.  I've even posted a new video update about it.  We'd originally begun with a $3,000.00 official goal -- less than half what we needed -- so we'd get at least some funding.  We met that goal.  We even met the real goal of $6,500.00 that we need for printing and fulfillment.  We're now into an area where any money we get it now, I can pass along to Al Rio's family.  Heaven knows, they now need all the help they can get; the lives the survivors of a deceased  freelance artist doesn't come with a pension, and it's been a long time since Al drew anything for which he saw royalties.   

The EXPOSURE graphic novel has become, more than just a collection of all of Al's EXPOSURE Keenspot work, a celebration of his talents and accomplishments.  We're on track to take it to press next month and make it available to Keenspot readers in April.  I believe it will also be available in comics shops in April, because we've made the trade paperback (though not the hardcover) available through Diamond.  So if you want a copy but haven't been a part of Kickstarter, or you simply don't like ordering via the internet, order it from your friendly neighborhood comics shop!

Here's the direct link to the still-running Kickstarter campaign --

One of the finishing touches on the EXPOSURE book is an Afterword.  We received several of them of varying lengths, and we finally decided to use a splendid essay from collector and fan William Yu.  That means other folks' essays didn't get used, so I decided to feature them here.

This is a short essay from Marc Heller, a long-time fan who even helped me kibitz some early ideas for the book as he hung out at Conventions. joining Al and me and character models Tabatha Utley and Natalie Matta.  Here we go:

I suppose everything started  with me being  a fan of David Campiti's writing , having  read most of the titles he published through  Innovation.  I  began to know David through conventions and online chats. At the time, I was in school for writing, and I  was very fascinated by the whole creative process of comics. It just so happened that I began to know David as he   and Al Rio were attempting to revisit a book called Dangerous Secrets.  I was also a fan of Al Rio's work. But, like many other people at the time, I had yet to really know how incredibly talented Al  was.

I was there when EXPOSURE started.  I got to watch as David and Al bounced ideas back and forth. Occasionally, I was fortunate enough to discuss EXPOSURE with David, as he and Al fleshed out the first mini series to be published at Image Comics.  There was an excitement, there was a buzz, you had two very talented creators firing on all cylinders.     I couldn't wait to see the finished result, both David and Al had a sexy spin on the whole X-Files style story.  And EXPOSURE  would cement Al's place in the comics world as arguably one of the best Good Girl artists in the business.

David and Al may have created Lisa and Shawna, but Tabitha and Natalie personified these characters in real life. They were the final piece of the puzzle. I  was fortunate to have been at several cons, with David and the girls. Unfortunately, it was too difficult for Al to make all those appearances in the U.S., and I really wish he could have seen the girls, and the fans, and everyone's excitement for EXPOSURE, beyond that one Chicago convention we all shared.

It is not often that you get a combination of writer and artist who work so well together, that it seems as I'd they were of one mind.  Reflecting back on EXPOSURE,  it is both a testament to the raw talent of everyone involved,  and is a celebration of the creative genius of Al Rio.  What you hold in your hands is something special, something quite possibly, you won't ever see the likes of again. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Marc Heller

Thanks, Marc.

-- David Campiti