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Yup, that's right...we're only days away from the launch of a brand-new EXPOSURE story, written by me, drawn by Jinky Coronado, lettered by Zach Matheny, and colored by Santosh Rath (with a few pages colored by Katrina Mae Hao).  We've been planning this one for quite a long time. I think you'll be surprised by what we've come up with.

Meantime, we're featuring a few new Al Rio EXPOSURE images here, in honor of his passing.  A few he completed before he died but you hadn't seen before.  A couple of others were newly re-colored for the EXPOSURE book, and we  wanted you to see them.

Good news!  We are happy to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for the EXPOSURE hardcover and softcover, nearly 200 pages of great stuff from Al Rio, is all funded.  THANK YOU to all of you who became part of the campaign.  As I type this, all my work is done on the book.  It's with Erik Welch, the production guy, putting finishing touches on it, and with any luck it should go to the printer in about a week.

As I understand it, EXPOSURE as a trade paperback wIll be available in some comicbook shops -- ones that pre-ordered it -- and I will have them with me at conventions this Spring and Summer.

What's more, I will make them available both here in Keenspot's own webstore and in my own company's online store.  It's shaping up to be a lovely book.

Speaking of Conventions, I'm looking to be at quite a few this year.  Look for me on Friday, April 13th (eek!) at C2E2 in Chicago....and Saturday and Sunday, April 14th ad 15th (with Mike Deodato!) at Toronto Comic Con.  Then, May 31 through June 3rd, I'll be at Philadelphia Comic Con.  Following that, I expect to be at Comic-Con in San Diego in July, as well as at Chicago Comic Con in August and at Austin Comic Con in October.